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 What is a Paypal Subscription Payment

A PayPal subscription is a payment that will automatically be charged for on the anniversary of...

 How do I order web hosting with no domain?

If you already own the domain and just want to order one of our web hosting packages, just select...

 What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, you can select Paypal, Stormpay, Google Checkout and a manual invoice. You do not...

 Where can I send abuse complaints?

Should you have any abuse related questions/comments, please send an email...

 Using FrontPage I tried to replace (overwrite) my existing site with an updated version. The transfer log says everything went OK but when I go online to my site the new site is not there - only the one I want to replace is visible. What should I do to change my site? Thanks.

In the configuration settings on Frontpage, make sure that you have specified the path to your...

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